Transportation Research Board

Peter Sweatman, Ph.D. was appointed co-chair of the TRB Forum on Automated Vehicles and Shared Mobility. This appointment followed CAVita’s engagement by TRB to develop a strategy for better integrating transformational technologies into TRB’s activities, and the preparation and publication of a TRB Circular entitled Transformational Technologies in Transportation.

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

CAVita received a programmatic engagement from AASHTO, covering the AASHTO CAV Executive Leadership Team (ELT)
and the Cooperative Automated Transport (CAT) Coalition. The CAVita team helped AASHTO to expand industry
involvement in ELT and prepared a number of CAV research briefs that were referred to NCHRP.

CAVita was engaged to further develop AASHTO’s CAV activities and assisted in setting up and launching the CAT Coalition
and its three working groups. CAVita has prepared a number of papers and presentations on state and local agencies’ preparation for CAV, including a NCHRP White Paper that was the subject of a half-day workshop involving state DOT leaders
at the ITS World Congress 2017 in Montreal. CAVita is also providing active concierge support to the CAT Executive Committee.

Texas A&M Transportation Institute

CAVita assisted in the development of TTI’s transformational technologies conference for public and private agencies, organizations and businesses involved in research and development comprising the CAV ecosystem. This event led to the announcement of several significant initiatives, such as a new high-tech campus (RELLIS) and a transportation technology initiative, the development, advancement, and membership recruitment of which CAVita provided further assistance.

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

CAVita has provided strategic advisory support and services focused on transformational transportation technologies
and automated infrastructure deployment opportunities that incorporate market trends and current approaches by
public agencies and private industry. The company also supported VTTI’s development, partner recruitment, launch
and execution of an ambitious collaborative CAV effort.


CAVita developed a Board Discussion Paper and other activities to provide Austroads with a strategic view of a future where the roles of road agencies have changed significantly and the revenue streams that traditionally fund infrastructure have declined.

New Zealand Ministry of Transport

CAVita has been involved with the country’s activities to identify suitable local CAV testing areas.  Activities have included multiple site visits, an appraisal of potential test sites, and ongoing technical and stakeholder assistance concerning CAV testing locations and programmatic considerations.


Kirk T. Steudle, P.E., Econolite’s Sr. VP, is serving as Interim President and CEO for the American Center for Mobility (ACM):
a purpose-built facility for testing, advancing, and validating CAV technologies and vehicles at Willow Run Michigan airport.

Steudle will be leading development and implementation of ACM’s strategic planning and budgets for 2019. He will be responsible for all operations, including testing, R&D programs, capital improvements, and financial oversight for the facility. Steudle will also be responsible for driving fundraising, legislative participation, academia, industry collaboration programs
and activities, helping to ensure the ACM’s strategic role in expanding CAV business incubation; bringing greater global economic opportunities.


CAVita has been engaged by roads and transportation stakeholders in countries outside of the United States.
Activities include delivery of CAV workshops and development of CAV deployment concepts for selected cities
and environments. CAVita is consulted regularly on how to begin the CAV deployment process and how to
convene stakeholders and engage partners.


CAVita was engaged to assist in designing and conducting a CAV strategic workshop for Caltrans intended to advance the state of preparation for CAV throughout the state, and to better understand preparatory actions in other states and lessons learned. The workshop is planned for early 2019 and CAVita will provide a white paper probing and updating the state of CAV preparation throughout the country.