Transportation Research Board

CAVita helped to organize, provide technical and logistical support for, and document the discussions of a peer exchange comprised of a group of select state transportation agency CEOs in conjunction with the 2017 ITS World Congress in Montreal.  In 2016, CAVita surveyed transformational technologies for the TRB Executive Committee, developed a new program in automated vehicles, developed and executed the “TRB Partners in Research Symposium: Transformational Technologies” on October 31 and November 1 in Detroit, and published “Transformational Technologies in Transportation”. This effort is culminating in the launch of the National Academies/TRB Forum on Preparing for Automated Vehicles and Shared Mobility Services.

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

CAVita continues to facilitate the emerging, innovative program of the Connected and Automated Vehicle Executive Leadership Team (CAV-ELT) as it expands to include automated vehicles by developing technical, policy, and related topical materials for pivotal CAV-ELT meetings and other activities.

Texas A&M Transportation Institute

CAVita assisted in the development of TTI’s transformational technologies conference for public and private agencies, organizations and businesses involved in research and development comprising the CAV ecosystem.  This event led to the announcement of several significant initiatives, such as a new high-tech campus (RELLIS) and a transportation technology initiative, the development, advancement, and membership recruitment of which CAVita is providing further assistance.

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

CAVita has provided strategic advisory support and services focused on transformational transportation technologies and automated infrastructure deployment opportunities that incorporate market trends and current approaches by public agencies and private industry.  The company is also supporting VTTI’s development, partner recruitment, launch and execution of an ambitious collaborative CAV effort.


CAVita developed a Board Discussion Paper and other activities to provide Austroads with a strategic view of a future where the roles of road agencies have changed significantly and the revenue streams that traditionally fund infrastructure have declined.

New Zealand Ministry of Transport

CAVita has been involved with the country’s activities to identify suitable local CAV testing areas.  Activities have included multiple site visits, an appraisal of potential test sites, and ongoing technical and stakeholder assistance concerning CAV testing locations and programmatic considerations.