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Who We Are


CAVita enables transformational mobility, including Connected & Automated Vehicle (CAV) technologies,
by providing world-class advisory services to public, private, and non-profit entities worldwide.

About Us


CAVita was formed in 2015 by Peter Sweatman and Abbas Mohaddes – two seasoned and highly respected ITS industry executives – on the premise that, now, more than ever, public and private companies, municipalities, and organizations need deep expertise to successfully navigate and take advantage of the opportunities presented by transportation’s evolution.

Today, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Econolite, CAVita leverages the over 150 cumulative years of executive-level experience on its team to give life to transformational technologies in transportation by providing world-class advisory services to public, private, and non-profit entities worldwide. Foremost amongst these technologies are:

  • Connected vehicles – in particular “V2X” technologies – which enable vehicles and infrastructure to communicate with each other and the cloud;
  • Automated vehicles, including technologies that enable the simplest of driver assistance features all the way to fully-automated “Level 5” – driverless vehicles.

CAVita further helps its clients prepare for the convergence of connected and automated vehicle technologies, which is inevitable as connected technologies are deployed in support of automated vehicle functions.

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CAVita enables transformational mobility technologies through connected & automated vehicle (CAV) consulting services

Connected & Automated Vehicle (CAV) Consulting Services


CAVita proudly offers three categories of services to our clients:

Strategic Business Planning

for connected and automated vehicle companies of all types and sizes

Demonstration and Deployment

of connected and automated vehicle
technologies, infrastructure, and data systems

Convening the CAV Ecosystem

to aggregate, engage with, and lead prominent third-parties to support clients’ goals

Our Clients


Our clients include industry leaders from around the globe:

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